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That Paper Girl Wedding Invitation

I’m so excited to have recently launched my second collection of wedding invitations and stationery!  

For me, this collection is all about those small, little moments in your relationship that no-one else sees, but for the both of you it's essentially what makes up your relationship, and its those delicate moments that makes you fall in love with that person so much more. Move over grand gestures, its all about the little, somewhat familiar moments that happen in your every day life. 


Bloom On Babe was the first one I designed for this collection. She’s very delicate, intimate and sweet, much like those days where its starting to turn from winter to spring and the air is still a bit coolish, but then you smell the newly bloomed flowers and the excitement of summer washes over you. 

Bloom On Babe Wedding Invitation
I love Notebook’s delicate features, and when paired with the indie handmade paper, she’s just so graceful and elegant. There’s almost a fragility nature about her. The indie handmade paper is particularly special as each piece is individually made, with each sheet having it’s own subtle differences, particularly with its deckled edging.
Note Book Wedding Invitation
I love Flower Child’s colour palette, very soft, yet there’s quite a number of colours used. She particularly evokes a desert imagery with me. I see cactuses and desert plants melting under the hot sun, where the colours aren’t as vibrant as those in a rainforest environment, but they are more subdued, even a little worn out. Yet there’s still a rich beauty in that.
Flower Child Wedding Invitation
I don’t like the saying “simple, yet elegant” but honestly, that’s what Cursive Secrets is. I wanted to create a suite that was type focused, no particular heavy design influences, but solely focused on when text is laid on the page, with the right amount of space and font pairings, can look oh so special. And her unfussy nature really let’s the paper shine, you can feel it, even smell it and get a real sense of luxury from her.
Cursive Secrets Wedding Invitation
Kaleidoscopic Sky was the result of an afternoon with my paints and brushes, not really having any idea in my mind of what I was creating, but the blend of the soft pink and purple coming together reminded me of those late summer afternoons where the sky just captivates you.
Kaleidoscopic Dreams Wedding Invitation
Love Notes was definitely heavily influenced by those old library cards you had stamped each time you borrowed a book. Reminiscent of those days at high school, where you would spend your free period in the library for no other reason then to socialise. Love Notes includes your names in Copper Foil, adding just a subtle touch of luxury. 
Love Notes Wedding Invitation
Moon Magic obviously was influenced by the moon and night time sky. But more specifically when your drunk at a party, laying on your back trying not to pass out, and you are contemplating the meaning of life. Backyard parties are just the best aren’t they? Obviously all of our experiences in these types of events are different, but it doesn’t take away from the pure magic of the night sky, with the glowing moon and thousands of sparkling stars. 
Moon Magic Wedding Invitation



Star Child is just a knockout. She’s the life of the party, the loud mouth of the group, and she wants all the attention. Yet there’s still an element of vulnerability about her, and its when she breaks down those defences is when you get to see her true colours - gentle, sweet and warm. 
Star Child Wedding Invitation
Slow Mornings is essentially all about those slow Sunday mornings, neither of you have any plans so you both lay in bed doing your own thing, reading, drinking coffee, on Facebook. But the sun is streaming through the window and its these subtle moments that you can truly be comfortable. Slow Mornings features silver foil on vellum, a translucent paper. Layered then with a backing piece of floral imagery, she’s got all the right moves.
Slow Mornings Wedding Invitation
While I love paper, and it will always be my go to, I wanted to create an easily accessible suite that was really fancy, and more of a tangible keepsake. And here is Vivid Dreams. White Ink on Acrylic is definitely an outstanding combination. I wanted the acrylic to do all the talking, so kept her design uncomplicated and easy, a bit like how a relationship is when you find that special someone.
Vivid Dreams Wedding Invitation
My goal for this collection is for you to reminisce about your special, subtle moments together that you share in your day to day life. I hope the designs bring up those butterflies in the stomach feeling of the early days, remind you of those special nights under the stars, or how comfortable you are just laying on the lounge together watching Netflix. Let me know your thoughts on the new collection, and reach out to me if you love it as much as I do!

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