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Part 1 - Let's see how many wedding rules we can break...

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breaking wedding traditions

If you’ve read all about My Surprise Wedding, you probably know by now that our wedding wasn’t very traditional.

I admit that this was on purpose, it was like as soon as my fiancé and I agreed we wanted a surprise wedding, I wanted to see what else we could do a little differently. It was as if a voice in my head said “I challenge you to throw as many traditions out the window as you possibly can," to which I replied “Challenge Accepted!” (A little How I Met Your Mother reference for y’all.)

If you’re like me and you want a non-traditional wedding (and I’m hoping there are a few of you, I’m not the only crazy one right?), let’s not just dip our toe in the water, why don’t we sprint and do the biggest bomb we can, and splash and make a mess! Let’s see how many traditions we can break, let’s get creative, let’s be the ultimate rebel brides!

I decided to split this into a 3 part series, as once I started, I just couldn’t stop! And I don’t think many of you would be willing to sit there and read a 4,000 word blog post, am I right? So here are some of my favourite offbeat, wacky, out-of-the-box creative ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding day. Feel free to use these ideas yourself, or use it as inspiration to come up with your own ideas for your big day. Let your imagination run wild, as these ideas of yours could really set the tone and vision for an ultimate, unforgettable, shindig of a party that you have planned.

The Venue

Let’s start off with the biggest element of your wedding day - the venue. Let’s get the creative juices working and think of a place that you absolutely love, or do you and your fiancé have a special place that represents the both of you? Think of Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex in the City movie, she chose the New York Public Library as the perfect place to marry Big. Yes, let’s just forget for the moment how that wedding was a complete disaster, BUT imagine if Big wasn’t a dickhead and they actually got married there! As Carrie said “the classic New York landmark that housed all the great love stories” - which was perfect for her!

So get your thinking cap on, what place is perfect for the both of you? Where did you meet? Did you have a restaurant or bar that you both absolutely loved? Did you go camping regularly to a specific place? Did you go to the same place for your holidays together (hello destination wedding!!). Even if the place you have in mind isn’t an offical “wedding venue,” all you need to do is ask and see if they would be willing to allow it! I’m sure some unconventional places would be thrilled to accommodate for a wedding - it allows them to add “weddings” to their services, and it makes your day more personal for you! Your family and friends will love the fact that its something different that they get to experience, making the event truly unforgettable!

Below are a few ideas to get those brains a-ticking!

Wedding traditions to break

The Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony can be big and extravagant, or it can be short and sweet, the sky is the limit! Let your mind wander and you can have a 2 hour wedding ceremony!

There are only a handful of necessities, to ensure that your marriage is legal and all by the book. These include a few phrases that both you and your fiancé need to say, a couple that your celebrant needs to say, and the signing of a few forms. Feel free to have a chat with your celebrate for the specifics, but other than that, you can have/do whatever you want! The exchanging of the rings is not even required! 

With that in mind, feel free to come up with your own ceremony that celebrates you both in a way that is uniquely you, and that you would feel comfortable doing. Think about how you want to walk down the aisle, if there even is an aisle! You can sing a song or do a dance instead of having a reading, feel free to write your own vows or recite lyrics from your favourite song. 

The ceremony is meant to be the whole point of getting married, you want to enjoy this part of the day, and really remember it for years to come. You don’t want to remember how nervous you were or how all you could think about was not to trip over. So if the thought of having to stand in front of everyone to read out your vows, makes you hyperventilate, then don’t do it! Your and your fiancé can have a mini “elopement” and be married with your 2 witnesses the day before, or even that morning! Then you can happily join up with your family and friends to party on with them into the night. Your wedding ceremony should be a personal experience for the both of you, and above all else you need be comfortable and relaxed with how you want the day to go.

Below are a few ideas of how you can have a ceremony that is uniquely you:

  • Be married by a drag queen (Married by Timothy/Timberlina  -
  • Ride down the aisle on a horse 
  • Have a musician sing one of your favourite songs instead of a reading
  • Dance down the aisle to Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback”
  • Have a 60-piece marching band escort you back up the aisle once the ceremony is over!

Non-traditional wedding

The Dress

Most girls grow up dreaming of wearing a beautiful, delicate, handmade white wedding dress. I get it, I wore a white dress to my own wedding. My main priority was comfort above everything else which is why I chose a straight dress made up of only 2 layers, with flat sparkly shoes. Maybe if I had more time (we were only engaged for 3 months), I possibly would’ve looked around a bit more, possibly for a pink dress, cos that’s just how I roll. So think about how you roll, is a bright bold coloured dress more your thing? Or maybe a jumpsuit? Or possibly something with lots of sequins and glitter? Come on, it's your day, your deserve to shine and sparkle!! 

Same with your partner! If your man feels all constricted and weird wearing a suit, let him be married in his favourite pair of jeans! I imagine you fell in love with him for being himself, so why not let him be comfortable on his wedding day…yes it’s his wedding day too, apparently. 

Here are a few unconventional wedding outfits that I am just loving!

Unconventional green velvet wedding dress

How did you like Part 1 of all the wedding traditions we can break? Is your head buzzing from all this epic goodness? Good!! Your wedding is pretty much the only time you can be crazy-creative and different! I love seeing brides break all the rules in favour of their own individuality and enjoyment! Walk to the beat of your own drum and create an experience that is uniquely for the both of you.
Part 2 will be going up next week so make sure you tune back in for more rule-breaking, spontaneous, creative wedding ideas.

Need some help figuring out how you can be creative and different with your wedding? Feel free to chat to me at or check out

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