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Part 2 - Let's see how many wedding rules we can break...

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Breaking wedding Traditions

Who’s ready for Part 2!! You still keen to break as many wedding traditions as possible? Awesome, me too!

If you haven’t read Part 1, check it out here. We’ve already broken all the typical expectations of the Venue, The Ceremony and The Dress. In Part 2, I’m gonna get right into how we can make your Bridal Party, The Food and Your Bouquet all weird and wonderful! Cos’ the whole point is to create a wedding that is all about YOU! So that you can look back on your day knowing it was 100% you, and not just because you were expected to do it. It’s not about putting on a show, it's about showing who you are.  

Right, let’s get into it!

Bridal Party

I have two beautiful sisters who also have the same weird sense of humour as me, so it was super easy to pick them both to be my maids of honours/bridesmaids. And yes I chose them both to be maids of honours as I couldn’t choose between them, and plus, why not? But your bridesmaids don’t have to consist of your closest female friends, you can have whoever you want!

You might not even have female friends, or you might want your siblings or your cousins. If you have children, they can accompany you down the aisle. But I’ll let you in on a little secret….you don’t have to have anyone if you don’t want to!!! That’s right, it can just be you and your soon-to-be husband/wife standing up there, keeping it very intimate and personal without anyone else. 

You will need two witnesses though to sign the certificate, but they can seriously be a stranger, or that neighbour down the road who’s name you don’t actually know or have never talked to, but he waves at you every morning regardless. Go one step further and put up a flyer on your local notice board asking for two people to witness your ceremony. Go on do it, it would be freakin’ hilarious. But if the stranger route isn’t your thing, ask your mother. Mums often don’t get an official role in the wedding, yet more often than not they are the most involved. Probably even more involved than you. Come on, go ask her, she will get a kick out of it.

Below are a few ideas of who you can have in your Bridal Party, but if you can think of people outside of this list, then I say “Hell Yea!”

  • Siblings
  • Cousins
  • Friends
  • Do you and your fiancé have the same group of friends? Who says you need to have “bridesmaids” and “groomsmen”? Just have one awesome, fun-filled bridal party that consists of all your friends!
  • Mums and Dads
  • Grandparents
  • Children
  • Your Dogs (although they probably won't be able to sign as a witness...)
  • A couple of strangers who responded to your flyer on the noticeboard


Non-traditional bridal party

Food & Drinks

There are so many awesome ideas out there for the Food & Cake you choose to have at your wedding. And I get super excited about it because I love food. It was the one aspect of my wedding that I spent the most time researching. Probably because I believe food is what brings a huge group of people all together, and when you think about it, its one of the things that you remember after attending a wedding. Everyone forgets about what kind of flowers were in your bouquet, or what song you walked down the aisle to. They all remember the food. And with that said, they will also remember if the food was crap. Sorry but they do. 

The tradition or expectation is to have a 3 course sit down meal. Nah let’s get rid of that, no-one wants to sit down the entire time, it's so hard to talk to people. Especially if you’re in the bridal party and you have to sit at that really weird, “bridal party only” table where its like your on show for everyone and they are all just watching you. I’ve been at that table as a bridesmaid, and every time I asked for a drink or took a huge mouthful of food, I felt like everyone was just watching me, silently judging. That probably sounds super self-absorbed of me, as they were probably watching the newly-married couple. But if you’re going to be that newly-married couple that they are all going to watch, the least you can do is not have a Bridal Party table so you can sneak a couple of hot dogs and quite a few glasses of wine out the back without anyone looking at you. Or a few shots of tequila if you have it.

Finger food, or Canapés, is becoming the norm now, and caterers are bringing out all the goods for them too. Forget the little spring rolls, most caterers now have mini burgers, fish & chips, dumplings, pies…Pretty much main meals but smaller. By having canapés, this allows all the guests, and you to walk around, chat to whoever you want, escape to wherever you like. And you can have a whole variety of different cuisines instead of the usual “Chicken or Fish” or “Beef or Lamb”. 

You can also get really creative with the type of food you serve. And it can be something that is special to you as a couple. Did you have your first date in a pizza place? Serve pizza! Did you holiday in Mexico together? Have Tacos! Were you proposed to while eating ice cream? Have ice cream! By making it personal to you both, you will remember all those special moments you shared together, and your family and friends will think it's really fun and creative rather than your usual-run-of-the-mill 3 course meal. They will be thinking “this is so them!” 

And now with the help of Pinterest, you can serve these special types of food as “stations”, which removes the need for wait staff as people can help them selves (see, saving money too!) 

Below are a few ideas of the different types of stations you can have that can be personal to you!


Donut Station

Wedding Donut Station / Photography by Enderes Photography

Taco Station - I had one for my wedding with a sign saying “You wanna taco bout it?”…I thought it was awesome.

Wedding Taco Station / Photography by Taylor Kinzie Photography


Cheese Station

Wedding Cheese Station / Photography by Kari Otero for 5th Avenue Digital


Pizza Bar

Wedding Pizza Bar / Photography by onelove Photography 


Heck, you could even have an Oyster Station!

Wedding Oyster Bar / Photography by Laurel McConnell Photography


And of course we can’t forget about Drinks! Set up a station of your favourite spirits and mixers for one hell of a party!!!

Gin Bar

Wedding Gin Bar / Sign by Another Story Studio


Sangria Bar

Wedding Sangria Bar


Bourbon & Cigar Station

Wedding Bourbon and Cigar Station / Photography by Elan Klein Photography




The Bouquet

Did you know in the 1600’s brides traditionally carried a bouquet of flowers down the aisle to mask their stench, since they had their yearly bath in May, and they were married in June. So the bouquet was there just in case. Seems a bit silly that we are still following this tradition as I’m sure most of us are now showering several times a week…well I hope you are. Nowadays, brides are carrying flowers as they are so pretty and they look awesome in photos! Plus, what are you meant to do with your hands? But instead of flowers, how about we stretch it a little bit and see a few other things that we can replace flowers with?

If you read all about my surprise wedding, you will know that I opted in for a giant, hot pink, paper flower that I got off Etsy for $14. Why? Cos I’m not right into flowers. Or plants really. Out in front of my house I have 4 giant pots, each one with a dead stick in it as I killed the plants and haven’t been bothered to replace them. This is how bad I am - I’ve killed cactuses. So you could probably see why it was best that I had a paper flower because I probably would’ve killed a real flower bouquet on my actual wedding day. If you’re like me (oh god please say you are, I don’t want to be the only plant killer), then a paper flower could be the way to go! It looks hilarious in photos, you can have any colour you want and the best thing, mine is still alive!

Giant Pink Paper Wedding Flower

Photography by Little Black Bow Photography

Paper flowers not for you? That’s cool, here are some other ideas to make it super special!

Balloons - super fun and they look awesome in photos!

Wedding Balloons / Photography by Elizabeth Messina

Add streamers and pom poms for a Mexican inspired bouquet!

Mexican Wedding Bouquet with Flowers and Pom Poms / Photography by Lara Hotz

Puppies - seriously I think this is the best idea ever and I don’t know why more people don’t do it

Wedding Puppies instead of Bouquets / Photography by Marie Cameron Photography

Are those creative juices flowing? Good! I hope this inspires you to ditch the status quo and to have a wedding that infuses your personalities into every tiny detail. Part 3 will be up next week and I’ve saved the best for last! Catch you then!

Need some help figuring out how you can be creative and different with your wedding? Feel free to chat to me at or check out

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