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Part 3 - Let's see how many wedding rules we can break..

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Breaking the wedding traditions part 3

Here we are guys! Part 3!! This has been so much fun and I have been loving finding all of these really cool, quirky ideas to share with you guys! It makes me want to get married again, can you have a second wedding to the same guy just for shits and giggles? I think that should be a thing…

For the third and final part of this series, I have for you today really unique and clever ways to go about finding and choosing your vendors, dealing with those little traditions that weddings seem to be made up of, and of course my most favourite topic to talk about - your stationery! And I’ve got some super exciting ideas for all your invitations!

If you haven’t caught up on both Parts 1 & 2, feel free to catch up on them here and here. Otherwise, let’s get those creative juices flowing and let’s see how many wedding rules and traditions we can break!


The usual questions asked by couples when first looking for their wedding vendors is 1. Will they do the job well and 2. How much. And then if you have looked at over 30 different vendors, the only question tends to be “How much?” And more often than not, this is all your email to them will say. Most couples just want to pass that particular aspect of the wedding over to someone else to deal with, without giving much thought into what that actual vendor does, and what special services can they provide that will really make your day be a stand out. 

There are so many freakin’ awesome vendors out there at the moment, and each one can provide something that is extremely unique to them. We need to stop thinking “any cake maker can make my wedding cake, so I will go with the cheapest.” We need to start thinking “I have some really creative ideas for my cake, who will be the best fit for me to help bring my ideas to life?” There is nothing worst than trying to communicate your ideas to someone and they are absolutely not on the same path as you. You become frustrated, they believe they are following you, and then you end up being disappointed with a cake that is definitely not what you wanted. And all you can think about during your wedding is the god damn cake that you didn’t want and the money you wasted on it. Cheap does not get you something you will love. Cheap just gets you something that will do. We don’t want our wedding to just be “that will do.”

What I am saying is, don’t settle. Don’t settle for what is cheap, and don’t settle for what is the norm. Rather than shopping around for a great price, shop around for a vendor that is on the same wave length as you, and is just as excited (if not, more!) for your vision of your day, as you are. You want to find a vendor that is passionate about YOUR day, not just weddings in general.

Below are a few vendors that I love who offer some really unique, different services that will appeal to the rule-breaking, badass couple that you are!

  • Photographer: Little Black Bow Photography Yes, Dea was my wedding photographer and she was amazing! She has a very documentary, colourful style yet she is so relaxed and laid-back - which was perfect for me as I’m the same and she just made us feel so comfortable. Also we found out she was close friends with my cousin and we had no idea!
  • Photographer: Barefoot & Bearded I’ve come across Joel’s work on Instagram and a few blogs and I love his rustic, earthy, intimate style. His speciality is elopements, and they look absolutely amazing. Especially his New Zealand shoots in the snow!
  • Celebrant: Monty King Monty was my celebrant and he was awesome! Even from the first time we met him in a pub in Newcastle, and it was as if we were all friends just catching up for a drink. Again, we felt so comfortable with him and he made our ceremony really fun and light-hearted, not serious at all which was exactly what we wanted.
  • Cake: Ivy & Stone Ivy & Stone’s cakes are so colourful, bright and bold! Jade’s creations are very unique to each couple, having created a Gilmore Girls and Friends’ inspired cakes! But favourite would definitely have to be this 3 tiered, black cake with handprinted flowers. So magical!

Ivy and Stone Black 3 tiered floral hand painted wedding cake


  • Cake: Sukar Sukar’s Instagram feed is insane. Nermin is definitely not following any rules when it comes to her creations, using bright, bold colours, oil paint effects and shiny, gold textures. My personal favourite is this black Mexican Fiesta inspired cake! Can you tell yet that I like black cakes?

Sukar black Mexican Fiesta Wedding Cake


  • Cake: The Cake & I I fell in love with The Cake & I when I saw this gorgeous, paint stroke inspired wedding cake! Jo’s cakes a too beautiful to eat, you will fall in love with her creativity and unique style.

The Cake & I brush stroke wedding cake


  • Florist: The Sisters Esther and Naomi from The Sisters in Sydney create the most gorgeous, colourful bouquets and arrangements. Their floral installations are crazy but my favourite bouquet would of course have to be from Tony and Gena’s wedding with the gorgeous bold flowers, colourful pom poms and vibrant ribbons.

The Sisters wedding bouquet ribbons pom poms and colourful flowers


  • Florist: Marmalade Sky Kimberley is the creative brain behind The Marmalade Sky, and she’s definitely not afraid to push the boundaries. As she says, their designs “are fierce, a little bit girly and a whole lot of sass,” which is right up my alley! Her bouquets have it all - colour, texture and just a little bit fancy!

Marmalade Sky pink green wedding bouquet


  • Dress: Grace Loves Lace I’m sure most of you have heard of Grace Loves Lace, but their dresses are just too god damn gorgeous not to mention! They have this wild, boho, nature-vibe going on and I freakin love it. Current obsession is with the Edie dress and that fringe train!

Grace Loves Lace Edie Wedding Dress


  • Dress: Stone Fox Bride I love Stone Fox Bride’s general vibe and her mission to help the anti-bride. Her line of dresses is so dreamy and eclectic at the same time. Loving the Anita, the Valentina, the Glenda, the Caitlin…you seeing a trend here?

Stone Fox Bride Valentina wedding dress


  • Dress: Rue De Seine Rue De Seine’s latest collection, Moonlight Magic is for the Witchy Goddess in all of us. Definitely not for the traditional bride, their love of lace, fringing and beads is evident in the intricate and detailed designs. If I had the chance to wear their Ziggy gown, I would probably ride on a white horse along a deserted beach, then maybe frolic in a flower field. After I would probably just drink a bottle of Moet as I walk barefoot through a magical forest. You know, pretty standard stuff…

Rue De Seine Ziggy Wedding Dress


  • Food: Comida Do Sul I always love a good food truck, I mean who doesn’t! Comida Do Sul is essentially a Pop Up Restaurant for you and your guests. Their modernised twist on traditional Brazilian classics looks freakin’ amazing. Show your guests your love for Brazilian food with Comida Do Sul.
  • Food: Twisted Mac You guys, its freakin’ MAC & CHEESE Y’ALL! Based in Melbourne, Twisted Mac brings the ultimate comfort food to the forefront, all topped with yummy, creative toppings. Why have boring old chicken or fish when you can devour down on some yummy Mac n Cheese!
  • Food: Sydney Picnic Co I love Sydney Picnic Co’s different take on catering - specialising in sweet, classy picnics that is sure to impress your guests. Perfect for a garden wedding or backyard affair, Sydney Picnic Co will create a picnic basket for your guests full of delicious, gourmet food.



Little, Annoying Traditions

Weddings are chockers full of little traditions, and I’m not just talking about wearing a white dress. I’m talking about those small little ones that seem to make the night really fun, but in actual fact they just make everyone feel awkward. The most awkward one would have to be the garter toss. First up, they aren’t very comfortable at all. Secondly, its super awkward to watch a groom drunkly crawl under his wife’s dress, and then to toss it to an older male relative while all the guys cheer…I’ll pass.


The garter toss then tends to go hand in hand with the bouquet toss. I’ve participated in my fair share of bouquet throws, and all it ends up being is one giant cat fight with girls pulling each other, jumping on one another and your mother aggressively shoving you to the front. Not to mention the fact that its blatantly shouting to everyone that your single, or not married yet. Then you end up with your older female relatives asking if there’s a nice boy in your life yet, or asking when you’re going to get married. Straight up, not their business. Secondly, I’ll let you all in on a little secret - y’all don’t have to get married!! Are you still going to be pushed into the bouquet toss and considered “single” if you’ve been together for 5 years? 10 years? Again, I’ll pass.

Now while I LOVE cake, and I could eat it all day, every day, I’m not one for the official “cutting of the cake”. I don’t get it. Maybe cos I prefer to eat the cake than cut it, but I’ve just never seen the meaning behind this tradition. If it’s just for the photos, I would prefer the photographer gets a shot of just the cake, in all its glory before anyone ruins it with a knife. Or is it the fact that the couple needs to be kissing behind the cake? I’m sure there is plenty of photos already of the two of you kissing. But for me, I’m just gonna dive into that cake without any photographers, especially as I really don’t want a reminder of the fact that I’ve got icing on my face and just ruined my dress with mud cake spilt down the front. 

Next up is the First Dance. I’m a bit torn with this one as I did have a first dance, and I loved it. I think because we were never going to have one, and it was very spontaneous so it didn’t come across as staged at all. I’m talking about those First Dance’s that have been choreographed weeks ahead through dance lessons. Yes, I am thinking that I am upsetting a few of you but just hear me out - I believe the First Dance should be about the both of you, should highlight your individual love together and should be a celebration of your marriage. Not a choreographed, bridal waltz that your both sweating over because you forgot the steps, or you’re scared about dropping her in the big lift. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again - BE YOU! It’s honestly the best thing and there’s no worry or stress that comes with being yourself. What would be your ultimate song that the both of you could get loose and dance together without any choreography? Would it be Kenny Loggins Footloose? Flo-Rida’s Low? Or my ultimate favourite, JT’s Sexyback? Trust me, the party is gonna get heated if the two of you a twerking your way across the dance floor then some slow, weird waltz.



Invitations & Stationery

And here we are my friends, my one true love, Wedding Invitations and Stationery!!! I’ll get the obvious out of the way - you should totes work with me, I’m super funny (obvs!), I’ll be honest with you and I’m like, really, really good at designing and shit. And I could come up with some hella ideas for your wedding invitations and stationery, so just check me out over here.

Now that THAT’S out of the way, let’s talk paper. Your invitations is pretty much the first thing that your guests are shown that is some indication of what your wedding is going to be like. This is the chance to excite and inspire them, so don’t opt for some generic bit of paper that says its here, this the time, hope you can make it. Thats boring, and I don’t do boring.

Secondly, your invitations is a chance to show your guests the type of people you are. Make your personalities shine through the paper and get them to know the real you. You want your guests to look at your invitations and think “Wow, this is soooo them!”. 

Lastly, besides your photos, your invitations are really the only tactile thing that you still have after the day is over. It’s not “just a piece of paper”. Treat it like a physical symbol of your wedding day, you want to treasure it and have it as a keepsake so that you will remember the awesome memories you made each time you look at it. 

Feeling inspired yet? But still need some ideas? Here are my favourite ways that we can create something special with your invitations:

  • Let’s get those fingers waving - you want to make each aspect of your invitation tactile, that you just want to run your fingers over. Think thick, cottony paper, letterpressed font work and a pop of gold foil will make you itching to touch that invitation.
  • Show your personality & humour - why have the same old “blah blah & blah blah invite you to join us for the matrimony of…” You wouldn’t speak to your loved ones like that would you? Why not invoke a little humour into your invitation? Your guests will crack up if they see your wedding invitation saying “Hey You!! You had better get your arse over to our wedding so I can kiss the love of my life while you smile and cheer!” But make sure it sounds like you, and it is in theme with the style of wedding you’re having. Probably wouldn’t suit a black tie affair now would it?
  • You’re not restricted with just paper - Guess What? We can now print on ALOT of different textures and material, like leather, timber, textiles, vellum, the list is endless. Maybe you both grew up on a farm, with your wedding being held there and a timber invitation with a leather envelope would suit PERFECTLY!
  • Tell your story - Include small elements of your story throughout your suite. Maybe the lyrics from your favourite song, a silhouette of your loving pooch, or the trees from the bush you grew up in. By incorporating these elements into your wedding invitations, it will show your guests who you are, what your story is and how you came together. It makes it so much more personal and special!


Have I inspired you to incorporate some of these ideas into your wedding stationery? Awesome!! Why not hit me up for your dream custom wedding suite that we can work on together? Send me some deets here.

So you know what you need to do now don’t you? Get off Pinterest, and put your time, attention and money into the things that matter most to you. Create your dream wedding that is all about YOU, not what you saw on Pinterest and that has been done a million times before. Trust me, you and your guests can thank me later once the music has been turned off and you can’t wipe the smile off your face as your laying down in a pile of confetti with your shoes off having just won that epic dance-off.

Need some help figuring out how you can be creative and different with your wedding? Feel free to chat to me at or check out

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