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My Top Tips for Self Care During Wedding Planning

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 self care during wedding planning

I wanted to write this blog post as I understand how much pressure engaged couples are under while they are in the thick of their wedding planning. Particularly when it gets closer to the date! It is important during this time that your priority isn’t endlessly scrolling through Pinterest for the perfect pink bouquet, or trying to find the perfect shade of green that will match all of your bridesmaid’s skin tones. Your priority is to look after yourself first! Self care people!

I have put together below a list of my favourite ways you can take a break from all the wedding planning, practice self care and enjoy some time just relaxing.

#1 Just chill

Usually on a Saturday morning I like to grab my coffee, a book and sit in the sun and read for a good hour. And I don’t put the tv on or look at my phone, and I love it! By taking this time out for yourself, you are recharging and getting away from the on-going wedding talk that is usually taking over your day-to-day life. Just make sure what your reading, whether its a book or a magazine, isn’t wedding related! We’re trying to get away from that!

#2 Pamper

This list wouldn’t be very good if I didn’t include pampering in it. For some, this could be a face mask, painting your nails or getting a massage. What ever it is that helps you to relax, is ideal. My thing is baths - I draw myself a hot bath (usually so hot that I can’t get in for a good 10 minutes), grab a glass of Baileys, a book, light a candle and chuck some bath salts in there. All this goodness together helps me to relax, remove myself from the usual daily grind and to recharge my batteries for the coming week.

looking after yourself during wedding planning 

#3 Indulge

We all have a guilty pleasure tv show that we could watch for hours and it takes up absolutely zero brain power. Mine is How I Met Your Mother - mind you, it requires no thinking on my part because I’ve seen every episode probably about 20 times. Take a break from your wedding planning, throw yourself on the lounge, chuck some Netflix on and enjoy the time of doing absolutely nothing!

"Simply put, Pinterest wastes more time than anything else."

#4 You gotta eat, people!

You might be sitting there thinking, oh I eat. Trust me, I do as well! Like a lot, I’m known for just constantly snacking throughout the day. But just before my wedding, I lost 4 kgs without even realising it. Mostly because I don’t own a pair of scales, but also because I was too pre-occupied with wedding planning and full time work. Eating just wasn’t top priority for me. Then there was the time when I went wedding dress shopping and I nearly fainted twice while in the change room and I had to quickly sit down before I fell over. Not ideal girls, go grab something to eat right now!

self care during wedding planning

#5 Get Off Pinterest

I know I’m probably shooting myself in the foot by saying this, as Pinterest essentially drives the wedding industry, but you gotta stop scrolling. I understand in the early stages of wedding planning and you’re working out on your overall vision and direction for your day, but once you’ve created your wedding board, be done with it and get off. Otherwise you'll find yourself sitting there scrolling after 3 hours, you’re still in your pyjamas, you haven’t brushed your teeth or done your hair and you realise you were meant to meet your mother 20 mins ago for a coffee.**
**the above may or may not of been inspired by real events…

Simply put, Pinterest wastes more time than anything else.

I hope you take these self care tips with you, go draw yourself a bath, grab a book and an alcoholic drink and just chill. You’ll thank me later! 

And these self care tips aren’t just for brides either! Pass them along to your family and friends to help them unwind at the end of a hectic week!

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