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Can Weddings Be Art? Just My Random Thoughts...

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Can Weddings Be Art?

I came across Polina Chentsova’s instagram while doing my usual morning procrastination. She’s a florist from Moscow, and her arrangements to me, were literally works of art. 


I definitely am not a flower person, and I can’t really tell you the first thing about types of flowers and what season certain flowers are in. But I can say that Polina’s work isn’t like what you normally see, the colours, texture’s and shapes in her arrangements are so beautiful…and different! And I’m sure she’s the only person in the whole world who can make crocs look oh so stylish (as she casually styles them with her creations).

Polina Chentsova Wedding Bouquet Flowers as art

Photos by Polina Chentsova

Looking at Polina’s work had me wondering, what is it about seeing something so different that stopped me in my tracks? I realised we don’t see enough variety and diversity, especially in the wedding industry. Why is it that I can click between four different wedding blogs and see the exact same style wedding across them all? Don’t get me wrong, there are some absolute, one-of-a-kind, unique AF beauts out there that I just drool over. But I realised what it is that makes these cookie-cutter weddings all the same - friggin trends. 


Google “Wedding Trends” and the results is pretty much a guide on how to have the same wedding that we’ve all seen before. “2018 Wedding Trends”, “13 New Trends to Watch Out For”, “18 Top Wedding Trends for 2018”. Why is it that couples are so hung up on having a wedding that is “on-trend?” With Wedded Wonderland recently coming out with the average cost of a wedding being over $51,000, I’m not sure if I would want an on-trend wedding…

Wedding Bouquet as art

Photos by Polina Chentsova

Essentially what these trends are doing, is telling you exactly the type of wedding you should have. The ones that are instagrammable, that people will tell you looked beautiful and heck, it may even be featured on a wedding blog. If this sounds ideal to you, then I’m not here to tell you not to follow the trends. I’m just here to tell you that weddings don’t need trends. Use your wedding as an opportunity to create a masterpiece that is you.


Wedding trends to me really brings a halt to the creativity behind them. Weddings are exceptionally visual events, and if you really think about it, they can be seen as extremely elaborate works of art. Yes, I’m back to that word - art. Why can’t your wedding be a piece of art? The amount of detail and thought that goes into pulling off this day of utter beauty, not to mention the blood, sweat and tears that many couples endure throughout their planning, it almost sounds remarkably similar to that of an artists’ process.

Fine Art Wedding Inspiration

Left Photo by Lara Hotz Photography / Right Photo by Brown Paper Parcel

If we thought of our weddings as a piece of art, and you as the artist, you definitely wouldn’t be Googling “trends” now would you? You would be throwing paint on the canvas, experimenting with colour and getting really messy with your brush strokes. Because the real beauty is in the mess. Bring out your inner artist, and with the help of some wonderful wedding vendors, you can create gorgeous visual pieces with your bouquet, design an inspiring, abstract creation for your cake, and be the muse behind the styling for your wedding. 


You're probably thinking "that's all fine and dandy, but how the hell do I make my wedding a piece of art? I'm no artist". The answer is simple, if you want to be an artist, you've got to think like an artist. Think about why do they put that specific brush stroke there, why do they use that specific shade of red, why do they use a darker colour over there? It's all about the intention, the thought and the meaning behind every little brush stroke. An artist has a specific reason for every tiny detail that they put into their artwork. So why can't we have a specific reason and thought behind every aspect for our weddings? 

Fine Art Wedding Inspiration

Left Photo + Cake by Tortik Annushka / Right Photo by Brown Paper Parcel,  Styling by Nomad Styling   

Ask yourself why for every detail behind your wedding. The answer doesn't have to be complicated or deep. If you want pink roses because you think they are pretty and pink is your favourite colour, then that's your reason right there. But to choose something because "it's trendy" isn't really a reason, and it's not personal to you. 


This is your opportunity to find your inner artist and to create a wedding that exceeds all the trends. Be creative, ask yourself why do I want this. By asking yourself this, you will make people, like me, stop in their tracks during their morning Instagram procrastination session.

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