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Why You Shouldn’t Have Digital Wedding Invitations, or “E-vites,”

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Why you shouldn't have digital wedding invitations

Why do I need a physical wedding invitation? Can't I just send an email or post the invite over Facebook?

This makes me want to cry when people say this. Having an actual physical invitation is way more than just letting your wedding guests know where it's at and when to turn up. Whether your having an intimate dinner under the stars or a raging dance off in a marquee, you NEED a physical wedding invitation. And here's my top 4 reasons why:

1. No-one gets an RSVP from Facebook

We've all posted up an event invite on Facebook, whether that was for a birthday, house party or a Sunday Sesh. And has anyone in the entire history of Facebook ever received a 100% response rate? I highly doubt it. You always get the ones who check it and then don't reply, or the ones who forget, or the ones who say they are going but never turn up. No hatin', I've done all 3. Now do you really want to leave YOUR WEDDING in the hands of unreliable Facebook? Sure Mark Zuckerberg can do anything but can he guarantee everyone will RSVP? Doubt it.
And also we can't forget to mention that your great aunt Dora doesn't even have Facebook...It's going to be more work and time for you chasing up those forgotten RSVPs.
Green minimal wedding invitation

2. It makes your wedding guests feel special

By having a physical invitation, you can place your guests names on it, making them feel little flutters in their stomach, that you actually remembered them! In addition, you can specify WHO is actually invited to your wedding. An email isn't exactly clear who is invited, and sure on Facebook you can say "Partners are invited" but then you may get that so and so's latest fling turning up. Let your wedding guests know exactly who is invited by using their names, even if it's just on the envelope. 

"When you post them away to your wedding guests, you will get a kick out of putting a stamp on each one and posting them away, cos in your mind this shit is getting real!!"

3.  Shit starts to get real

When you finally receive your wedding invitations (hopefully from me!) you will be able to pick them up and hold them and feel the smoothness of the paper. Take a good ol' whiff of those ink fumes, they are the best and will give you a little buzz. When you post them away to your wedding guests, you will get a kick out of putting a stamp on each one and posting them away, cos in your mind this shit is getting real!!
If your like me, 90% of your mail is bills. Well imagine if amongst the pile of bills there is the sweetest, prettiest little envelope and it is addressed to you! Imagine how it will be for your guests to receive a package of awesomeness in the mail that is all about YOU! A wedding invitation is a tangible item that your guest can hold and admire. It's also something your guests can keep that will remind them after the wedding how much fun they had and what an awesome night it was! Every time I receive an invitation in the mail, it goes straight onto my fridge (my version of the pool room). I love seeing them on my fridge every day  and they remind me how much fun I had that night.

Burgundy wedding invitation

4. Shows your wedding guests who you are

Your invitation should be the first thing that gives your guests an insight into your wedding, and what you have planned for the evening. It's like the pre-drinks to the main event. Show your guests who you really are as a couple, or what kind of event you have planned for them? Are you having a fun filled night with fireworks, a taco bar, a live band and a champagne fountain? Infuse this upcoming kick arse party into your invitations! Your guests won't be able to contain their excitement and will be counting the days down till they can party with you!

Your probably thinking now "why did I even think of a Facebook post?!?!”. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Start thinking of how you can excite, prepare and inspire your guests, cos that's seriously the real reason to have a wedding invitation.

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