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The Story

At That Paper Girl, we believe in breaking the rules of the traditional wedding, and having a day where you and your partner can show-off your crazy, beautiful selves to your family and friends. And we believe it all starts with your Wedding Invitations...


We've made it our mission to help creative couples find their pizzazz and to make it blossom throughout their wedding day.

Our products are designed to make your personality shine through, and to ignite the excitement among your family and friends of the up-coming cracker of a party, that you have planned.

Our striking, high-quality unique wedding invitations and stationery are affordable, as we understand how expensive weddings can be, and we don’t want to slap you with another extravagant bill. We have kept our costs to a minimum through our pre-designed formats, yet the capabilities to personalise the stationery to suit your spirit and flavour. But you’re after a unique custom, one-of-a-kind extravaganza? Not to worry, That Paper Girl can do it all!



So who is That Paper Girl?

Elle Profile

Hey Hey! I’m Elle!

Fuelled by Baileys, Taylor Swift and my adorable Golden Retriever and German Shepherd puppies, I thrive on being creative and fall in love with bold, bright colours, and anything covered in glitter.

I was just like you over a year ago, newly engaged and no clue where to start. My then-fiance Ray, and I knew a big, traditional wedding was just not us - we weren’t the overly romantic type, we didn’t want to spend thousands and we just wanted a small shindig with our closest family and friends. So there was only one thing to do - have a surprise wedding! But more on that later...

So why don’t we get our creative socks on, rock some spunky, bold colours and show your guests the real you! And have a crazy fun time while we are at it!